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When the cupboard is bare

I have been somewhat idle this summer and for various reasons have glossed over the abundance of fruits and vegetables growing in gardens or displayed on stalls. However, recently I was offered a  bag of mixed eaters and cookers apples and I pondered on how best to use them. Whether to make an all apple…
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PUMPKIN CHUTNEY      simply the best use of a pumpkin in October?

A great accompaniment to curry

What  do you do with a pumpkin in October? I have great memories of the time when we lived in New York. In October, we generally managed a trip to New England to see the stunning  fall colours together with roadside stalls piled with apples and pumpkins from the farms. I know many will associate pumpkins…
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and an early start to making Christmas presents

I find my herb garden such a delight. Living as I do in a city with no space for a kitchen garden, it is a pleasure to be able to reach out to my pots and tubs for a choice of herbs to transform my cooking. So wherever you live and for me, that is Lambeth,…
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How to preserve and enjoy apples through the winter

If asked to choose ONE food that I could not live without, it would be a very close call between an apple and cheese. That is not to say that I am planning on living on solely one food. It is just that without that one food I would be devastated, lost, mourning . And the apple wins….
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The All Singing All Dancing Preserve

I have tomato plant is just outside my kitchen door. This is not so much for the fruit as for the wonderful waft from the foliage that hits me every time I saunter out. No matter that I only have a few green tomatoes on my plant, this year! A FRUIT Yes, indeed it is a…
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With Beryl's Cranberry and Orange Relish and Nigella's Pumpkin Cheesecake

It is something about the fact that Thanksgiving is purely about the thanks and the receiving and enjoying  food, about the gathering as a family for the meal that it so appeals to me and I envy the Americans having such a holiday to celebrate. There is none of the commercialism to be found (I…
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Tweet the best photos of your preserves

Your chance to win a copy of Let's Preserve It

*GIVE-AWAY* Throughout Autumn 2014, Square Peg will be giving away copies of Let’s Preserve It every Monday for the best photos of your preserving efforts tweeted @pegssquare with the hashtag #LetsPreserveIt! What a wonderful month to enjoy turning produce into your own jams and chutneys and Square Peg are wanting your best pics for Twitter. You will find more information…
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Chutney and its many uses

Autumn advice

Autumn is a good chutney making time of year so there should be no suggestion of boiling up ingredients only to have jars of the stuff abandoned at the back of your kitchen cupboard (see JAM JAM JAM). If in any doubt of its versatility, here are my suggestions for when to use chutneys: The classic…
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