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Variations on Hot Cross Buns and Easter Fare

Cranberry and Orange hot cross buns, chocolate Easter cake and Simnel buns

Hot Cross bus are traditionally made to be served on Good Friday. The story  goes that the  first buns were made by a 14th century monk who then distributed them to the poor  on Good Friday. So it really bothers me is to see these sweet and spicy buns on sale at Christmas. The story also goes that Queen…
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How did I manage before!

A few years ago, my younger daughter, Olivia, spent the Wimbledon fortnight hulling and counting out strawberries while working in the members’ restaurant the All England Lawn Tennis Club. In fact I think her job included a few more jobs besides. There she discovered and passed on a really great tip for hulling strawberries. Hulling strawberries using a…
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FLAVOURED VINEGARS and that end of summer feeling

Fruit, herb vinegars and spirit infusions

I do  enjoy that end of summer feeling. Amongst other things, I have just been gathering in some surplus herbs for a supply of dried herbs through the winter and wow what a surplus this year. I now have herbs hanging up in every dark corner of the house. Dried herbs  It is also a perfect…
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Go blackberrying

If there is just one MUST DO OUTING to enjoy with your children in the summer holidays it is to go blackberrying. By the end of August the hedgerows will be heaving with dark shiny berries and I cannot wait to collect them and then sit back and enjoy a plain bowlful. And then some for puddings, cheesecakes…
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