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Variations on Hot Cross Buns and Easter Fare

Cranberry and Orange hot cross buns, chocolate Easter cake and Simnel buns

Hot Cross bus are traditionally made to be served on Good Friday. The story  goes that the  first buns were made by a 14th century monk who then distributed them to the poor  on Good Friday. So it really bothers me is to see these sweet and spicy buns on sale at Christmas. The story also goes that Queen…
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An Irish Moment

Happy St Patrick’s Day My stomach often cries out to me ‘I just want something green’ and whether it comes as a preserve or as a fresh adjunct on a plate, there is a huge array  of green foods from which  to choose. Green foods somehow radiate health, often fresh and with nutritious and wholesome…
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A treat for all marmalade lovers

Buns for breakfast I am so pleased to find I made plenty of my quadruple peel marmalade last year. It will keep me going for the time being. I know very well that January is the month for making marmalade. The Seville oranges have arrived and it is always set in my mind that I will spend…
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A quieter Christmas with my new hip

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas I have been planning this Christmas for some time  – ever since I was offered a date for a new replacement hip in early December and realised that I would be a tad out of action in the kitchen. And a  new hip is a wonderful Christmas present….
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PUMPKIN CHUTNEY      simply the best use of a pumpkin in October?

A great accompaniment to curry

What  do you do with a pumpkin in October? I have great memories of the time when we lived in New York. In October, we generally managed a trip to New England to see the stunning  fall colours together with roadside stalls piled with apples and pumpkins from the farms. I know many will associate pumpkins…
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and an early start to making Christmas presents

I find my herb garden such a delight. Living as I do in a city with no space for a kitchen garden, it is a pleasure to be able to reach out to my pots and tubs for a choice of herbs to transform my cooking. So wherever you live and for me, that is Lambeth,…
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How did I manage before!

A few years ago, my younger daughter, Olivia, spent the Wimbledon fortnight hulling and counting out strawberries while working in the members’ restaurant the All England Lawn Tennis Club. In fact I think her job included a few more jobs besides. There she discovered and passed on a really great tip for hulling strawberries. Hulling strawberries using a…
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AUBERGINE – a versatile food

And a rich aubergine and pepper chutney

 Aubergine – A food by many names What a a profusion of  names have been given to this beautiful and shiny food. It is known as the aubergine in Europe, eggplant in the USA and Australia and the Anglo Indian name of Brinjal is also used by South Africans,  Asians  and West Indians. Other names for the…
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A Shakespeare moment

I am just having a Shakespeare moment. I love horseradish. It seems you either love it or loathe it. I am a marmite person too. So I was rather disappointed to find that my aunt barely mentions this fulsome root vegetable in Let’s Preserve It. Dried horseradish, horseradish and beetroot relish and horseradish and tomato…
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FUN FOODS for the young in the Easter holidays

Adding preserves for the young

Easter is nearly upon us and with it all the fare of Hot cross buns and Simnel cake and Roast Lamb and not to mention Easter Eggs Beyond these traditional Easter foods there are a whole range of favourite fun foods and platters – with or without preserves -that children can not only enjoy in the holidays and…
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